!!PROMO!! Original 6 Liter Dessini presure cooker – ONYLEX
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!!PROMO!! Original 6 Liter Dessini presure cooker

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Product details :

  • 6 pre-programmed menu (Rice, Cake, Chicken, Soup, Bean/Beff, Manual Cook)
  • 5 built-in safety features (Lid Auto-Lock, Pressure Auto-Relief, De-Pressure, Temperature Limit, Ultra-high temperature safe)
  • 6L Big Capacity
  • 24-hour delay timer
  • Time and Power Saving. 70% faster than conventional cooking
  • Airtight cooking retains nutrient and original taste
  • Keep food hot for 12 hours
  • Easy to clean non-stick coated inner pot
  • Safe Lockable Handle
  • Built-in over heat protection device
  • Power: 1000-1190W
  • Voltage: 220-240V 50/60Hz
  • Size: 38 x 34 x 33 cm
  • Weight: 5.9Kg

DESSINI Electric Pressure Cooker is a brand-new kitchen tool developed using our latest technology. The product has combined the fine qualities of the pressure cooker, electric cooker and braising cooker. It features programmable temperature and pressure control with new and distinctive structure and outlook design. It is reliable and safe operate, power saving and delivers quality cooking. It is an ideal cooking tool for a modern family and an excellent substitute for conventional pressure cooker.

Combined functions of cooking, stewing and braising. The time range is labeled on the knob. You can it according to food and personal taste and cooking experience.

Time and Power Saving. Power and time saved by over 60% than common electric cookers.

Airtight cooking retains nutrient and original taste.

Non-stick inner pot, easy to clean. Stainless lid and outer tank ensure long service life.


5 built-in safety features:

1) Lid Auto Lock: The cooker cannot gain pressure when the lid is not well closed and the lid cannot be opened when the inner pressure is too high.

2) Pressure Auto-Relief function: When temperature and pressure inside the cooker go beyond the normal value, the pressure discharging valve will discharge the steam to regulate.

3) De-Pressure function: When pressure limit inside cooker fails and pressure goes beyond the limit, cooker automatically de-pressures around the lid to avoid an explosion.

4) Temperature Limit: Power automatically cut offs when temperature inside cooker goes beyond preset temperature.

5) Ultra-high Temperature Safe: Power automatically cut offs when temperature inside cooker goes beyond limit value.


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